Physiotherapy Effects of Common Light Bands

A simple summary of the principle of LED beauty is that when LED lights of different wavelengths are irradiated on our skin, a series of reactions can occur inside our cells, thereby producing cosmetic effects.

Red light:

  • Wavelength (630nm~700nm)
  • Skin whitening, anti-aging
  • Strong repair, wound treatment, promote wound healing, reduce inflammation
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Prevent skin pigmentation
  • Prevent scars

It strengthens mitochondria in cells and stimulates cellular activity. It can promote the production of protein and collagen in the skin, and promote metabolism. So as to make the skin plump and plump, to achieve anti-wrinkle, brightening, and anti-aging effects. Making it a safe treatment for photoaging and photodamaged skin.

 red light therapy before and after

And the penetration of red light is particularly strong, which can reach 550 microns. It is often used clinically to treat deep skin tissue structures, such as sebaceous glands. Therefore, it can also play the role of heating microvessels and improving skin microcirculation.

red light therapy before and after

Studies have found that red light can significantly improve the pain, itching, and other discomforts of patients. Flatten scars. It has the advantages of being non-invasive and anti-inflammatory.

Blue Light:

  • Wavelength (400nm~470nm)
  • Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory
  • Activated cells
  • Purify the skin

It is mainly used to inhibit the growth of bacteria in acne wounds, treat skin lesions located in the epidermis, relieve skin fatigue, and restore elasticity and luster to the skin. So if it is due to Propionibacterium acnes that cause excessive oil production, large pores, acne, and other conditions that cause blemishes, blue light irradiation treatment is effective. However, the penetration depth of blue light is only 150 microns, which cannot reach the sebaceous glands.

Blue wavelengths do cause eye strain, so you want to make sure you use protective eyewear during any blue light treatment.

To put it simply, blue light is responsible for surface sterilization, and red light is responsible for deep anti-inflammatory. The combination is more effective. Therefore, red and blue light is still very good for the treatment of superficial inflammation.

Yellow light:
The wavelength is (590~600nm)
Stimulates microcirculation and decomposes pigments.

The penetration depth can reach 450 microns, which can repair some sensitive skin.

Like some other purple and green lights, they are basically extensions of the first three main colors, and their functions are not so obvious.
So when you buy it, don’t mistakenly think that more modes must be better. From a functional point of view, it is enough to have the most commonly used red and blue modes.

red light therapy before and after

In short, for the red and blue light beauty instrument to be effective, several key elements are required.

First, the wavelength must meet the corresponding standards.

Second, light density. The general point is that the light output should be sufficient. At this point, we can look at the number and distribution density of LED lights in the product. Under the premise of the same area, the more LED lights, the greater the power and the better the effect.

Third, the lamp bead quality.

Fourth, the right way. Many friends do not know how to use it, whether it can be used with the essence, whether it can be used with a mask, what to apply after use, and how often it is used. These are all important. I will write about how to use it later, don't worry.

Fifth, persist. Some people bought it online and said that if you use it for one night, you will get a lot of good results the next day. This is a pure liar, don't believe it. Even if the home beauty device meets the conditions just mentioned, if you insist on using it for 10 to 20 minutes a day, it will basically take at least two weeks to see obvious results, which also depends on each person's skin state.

When using a mask, try not to use whitening skin care products, because many whitening skin care products contain photosensitive ingredients. Just apply some serum or something while using the mask. In addition, acne is not very serious, do not use blue light too much, because the wavelength of blue light is closer to ultraviolet rays, and excessive use will cause the skin to darken slightly. Don't worry too much if you have a lot of acne, wipe some whitening skin care products after use. Then pay attention to the sunscreen, basically, there is no problem.

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