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Advantages of Photonstar

Red Light Therapy

FDA Class II Medical Device

Photonstar lights are full FDA Class II Medical Devices, It‘s very safe and reliable, will bring you more benefits

Red Light Therapy

Healthier Skin

Photonstar' Devices that Combine Therapeutic Red Light Energy with Patented Technology to Nourish your Skin from Within.

Red Light Therapy Device

Safe For All Skin Types

The Red and Near-Infrared LED Devices Reduce Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Pigmentation,Safe For All Skin Types

Red light Therapy at home

Relieve Inflammation

Red light therapy can relieve inflammation and pain,promote the repair of skin,muscles, cartilage and ligaments.

Red light Therapy at home

The Body Recovery

Optimizing performance and recovery is about giving your body what they need to succeed, from food, to healthy light.

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How does Red Light Therapy Heal Your Body?

Red light therapy involves using specific wavelengths of light on different areas of the body, it stimulates the body’s cells to produce ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), a key element in cellular regeneration.

Clinical studies have shown that red light therapy may accelerate healing and muscle recovery, improve sporting performance, reduce chronic pain, boost immunity, anti-aging skin benefits, mood enhancement and improved sleep.

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Red Light Therapy at Home

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Quality panel

"Photonstar gets a great review as a red light therapy brand by gembared owner & lead me to purchase. Recommended over other brands based on the research I’ve done as long as you understand the frequency you want/need for desired outcome."

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KC Verhoeven

This Red Light Works

"I use Photonstar's red light therapy device for about 15 minutes every few days, I swear it is drying out my acne and improving their recovery time. The more you use it , the more you feel the effects of sitting in front of it. After a few uses, I actually enjoyed the warmth on my face."

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Robert L.

Red Light Therapy at Home

"I'm absolutely obsessed with this red light therapy device.After just ten days of at-home use, my skin has become softer and my muscles have less pain and fatigue.. I am so lucky I discovered this hidden gem and am excited to see even more improvements with time!"

Red Light Therapy at Home


Great investment!

"I waited almost a month before posting a review. I have to say,; it has really been a good investment. It's very well made and there has been a significant improvement in my skin. I use it almost daily, usually 20 to 30 minutes a day. I did fall asleep with it on and had no adverse effects."

red lights therapy device

Craig M. Schmidt

Best Red Light Therapy Device

"I have been hearing a lot about red light therapy recently,I wanted to give it a try but didn't want to invest hundreds into it until I could see if it was for me. The Photonstar caught my attention because it was affordable, provided the information that is important with RLT and had good feedback. "

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Tabitha Suggs

Comparison before and after treatment

Effects of Red Light Therapy

Effects of red light therapy

Effects of red light therapy

Effects of red light therapy

Effects of red light therapy

Effects of red light therapy