Red Light Therapy Device for Pain
Red Light Therapy Device for Pain
red light therapy benefits for pain
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red light therapy for knee pain
red light therapy product
red light therapy product
Red Light Therapy Device for Pain
Red Light Therapy Device for Pain
light therapy for pain
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Red Light Therapy Device for Pain

Mini Red Light Therapy Device (Connectable 3Pack) For Pain Relief -Photon Moon

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Payment Security

Payment Security


Input Voltage:DC5V/1A
Power Frequency:50-60HZ
LED Quantity:19PCS
Wavelength:660nm(Red) and 850nm(Near-infrared)
Net Weight:28g
IP Rate:IP20
Switch:Touch Switch
Battery Capacity:450MAH
Color: White/Black/Rose Gold

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red light therapy back pain


red light therapy for joint pain

Targeted Joint Pain Relief

The Photon Moon is a compact and versatile device designed specifically for providing targeted pain relief for joints. It utilizes red light therapy technology to penetrate deep into the affected areas, helping to reduce inflammation, alleviate joint pain, and promote faster healing.

Safe & Non-Invasive

Photon Moon adopt Red 660nm and Infrared 850nm Light Irradiation Which are Painless,Non-drug,no Side Effects and Get Good & Quick Effects,the Device Will Takes Care of Your Pain on the Neck, Shoulders, Wrists, Legs, Back, Knees, Ankles, Feet, or Anywhere You Feel Pain.

Versatile Application:

Photon Moon comes with 10PCS stickers and a bracelet. You can use the stickers to stick the photon star anywhere you want on your body, or you can use the bracelet to fix it on your joints. Whether you are exercising or working, it will won't get in your way
red light therapy products
red light therapy for knee pain

Red Light Therapy for Pain


Photon Moon red led light therapy device,It provides highly effective NIR850nm light wave,It's is Invisible NIR light, They penetrate deeper into the tissue to deliver energy to the body’s cells, relieve muscle aches, nerve injury or joint pain.
best red light therapy for joint pain

Red Light Therapy At Home


You can enjoy the benefits of red light therapy at home, the 660nm provided by Photon Moon can promote the regeneration of skin collagen and elastin,effectively smoothing fine wrinkles,and make the skin smoother and firmer.
red light therapy pain

Relieve Joint Inflammation


Simply focus on what you are doing while Photon Moon takes care of your pain on the neck, shoulders, back, wrists, legs, knees, ankles, feet, or anywhere you feel pain.

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Do You Suffer FromJoint Pain?

Come and try this mini Red Light Therapy Device

1. Does photon moon irritate the skin?

Photon Moon is a portable red light therapy device that can relieve joint inflammation or skin redness, and can also be used for local skin restoration. It has 660nm red light and 850nm near-infrared light, which accelerate blood flow. Circulation, stimulate cell growth, so as to achieve the effect of lightening verification and repairing damaged skin.

2. What are the modes of photon moon, and what kind of treatment are they corresponding to?

Photon Moon has five modes, 660nm full open and half open, 850 full open and half open, 660nm+850nm half open, 660nm for obvious redness and pain but not obvious, 850nm for obvious redness and not obvious pain, 660nm+850nm It is for cases where redness, swelling and pain are obvious.

3. What is the time of each use of the photon moon?

We recommend using Photon Moon for 10-20 minutes, Use 5-8 times a week.

4. Does Photon Moon warm up? Will it burn the skin?

Because the Photon Moon irradiance is relatively high, so the device will generate a little heat, but it will not irritate the skin and make you feel uncomfortable. If you feel hot in full open mode Half-open mode can be used.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Easy to use. No irritation.

I have used this for about a week and it has worked well.It is the first time I use a device like this one.It has not caused any irritation or discomfort on my sensitive, acne-prone skin.I hope to see some positive results.

Versatile RLT light

I love the versatility of this red light therapy light. The five different wavelengths are a welcomed feature that I usually don't see in RLT devices. Most are limited to just the 660nm and 850nm wavelengths.

Good quality set

It's easy to use and comes with a good storage case. There is no denying that the product itself is well made. Compared to other red light therapy devises the wavelengths on this is pretty good. I got this for muscle relief for my neck and my husband's arthritic knee. Unfortunately we did not get any instant results after a few treatments. With deeper tissue areas I imagine it might just take longer to feel any pain relief. If you are looking for last resort options for muscle pain relief this might be a good device to try, however I would not fully depend on it.

Desert H.E.A.T.
This has everything!

This is a full fledged LED light therapy unit that's super portable and easy to use. The lights can be constant or pulse and each of their variations are easily cycled by clicking the button. From any setting if I hold the button down it will turn off as well.It's fun to feel the effects of the various light modes and discover which produce the effects I desire. Some lights produced more heat than other light colors and it was interesting to learn which. Personally I like feeling the heat and I think it's better for my ailments.

Sam Kielt
Highly recommend.

I was skeptical at first, but after 1 day of use, my sore seemed to disappear and did not leave a scar. Highly recommend.

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