Red Light Therapy Mask
Red Light Therapy Mask
Red Light Therapy Mask
LED Light Therapy Mask
LED Light Therapy Mask
LED Light Therapy Mask
Red Light Therapy Mask At Home
Red Light Therapy Mask At Home
Red Light Therapy Mask
Red Light Therapy Mask At Home
Red Light Therapy Mask
Red Light Therapy Mask

LED Red Light Therapy Mask At Home - Photon Galaxy

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FDA Medical Device
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Red Light Therapy Mask

LED Red Light Therapy Mask At Home - Photon Galaxy

Regular price $149.99
Sale price $149.99 Regular price
led facial light therapy
Red light therapy mask at home

Photon Galaxy - Younger Face Skin

Safe Portable Design

Light weight and easy to store, the Photon Galaxy helps you enjoy SPA quality skin care anytime, anywhere, whether traveling or at home, and is safe for your eyes and all skin types.

Soft & Lightweight Therapy

The LED light therapy mask is using food-grade silicone and 99% purity infra LED chips. Compared with other heavy facial mask, It's only as heavy as a cell phone, will not leave indentation on the face.

Medical Grade For Home Use

Infrared light(830nm) is invisible light that promote skin dermis blood circulation, activate dermis cell vitality,repair skin fine lines,delay skin aging. Red Light (630nm): Skin Rejuvenation & Wrinkles Removing.Increased Blood Flow and Collagen Production.

How to work?
right light therapy mask

Boosts Collagen Production

Collagen is a protein that gives skin its elasticity and firmness, and its production naturally declines with age. Red light therapy is thought to stimulate collagen production by penetrating the skin and triggering a response in cells called fibroblasts, which produce collagen.

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infrared light therapy for the face

Reduce Facial Redness

Red and infrared light therapy for the face helps to calm and soothe the skin, improving its overall appearance by reducing inflammation, including rosacea, and minimizing the appearance of scars.

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red light therapy face mask
Red Light Therapy Mask

Speeds Up Wound Healing

Infrared light therapy can accelerate the healing process by stimulating the production of new cells and repairing damaged skin.

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red light therapy mask at home

Improves Skin Tone and Texture

Red and infrared therapy can also help improve your skin's texture and tone.It works by increasing blood flow and oxygenation to the skin, which can help reduce pores' appearance, smooth out uneven texture, and brighten the complexion.

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led face mask light therapy


LED Power: 12.8Watts
Power Consumption: 5 Watts
LEDs: 64pcs * 2w LEDs
64 * LEDs@630nm+830nm(Red Light + Near - Infrared)
Dimensions: 30*19.5*0.5cm / 11.81”*7.68”*0.20”
Voltage: 100-240VAC/50Hz/60 Hz
Beam Angle: 120 Degrees
Irradiance: 24-47mW/cm2
Amps: @5VDC: 1A
Weight: 0.873kg / 1.92Lbs
Flicker Rate: Flicker Free
Warranty: 2Years
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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Easy to Use Face Mask

Photonstar Red Light Therapy face mask comes with a USB charger, USB cable, and eye pads, which are recommended so as not to damage your eyes. The mask has 660 & 850 wavelength settings, and the lights on this are very bright ??a consideration if you are sensitive. Red light therapy devices are very popular right now, and they do seem to work on inflammation and various skin conditions. Please read the instructions and I would also recommend watching some videos on how to use this first. All in all, this is a good quality, mask style red light therapy device that is easy to use.

KayLyn O
Felt relief after multiple uses but I wish there was eye protection. Keps my kids away haha!

This Red light therapy face mask is great for healing inflammation around your face, and for me specifically my sinuses. After multiple sessions I genuinely felt an overall positive relief. However, I also have a couple of gripes including: the red lights are SO bright and I wish there was eye protection; the mask eventually gets uncomfortable after 5 minutes and becomes a bit suffocating.One added bonus - if you have toddlers or a dog and need some personal space, slap this mask on and you've got a peaceful 5-10 minutes of free time! I'd like to see a bit more thought into breathable fabric and eye protection, but the red light therapy does indeed relieve my symptoms!

Easy to use

I wear it 3-4 times a week for 15 minutes every night while watching TV. The eye insert helps to block out the excessive light from the mask from interfering with my sight. I just started using it not too long ago and so far I do not notice any significant difference to my skin. It is very intuitive and straightforward to put on, use and take off. I prefer to lie down while wearing the mask, otherwise, it feels like it is pulling my skin downwards. My nose also feels a little squashed beneath the mask.There are 3 levels of intensity and 4 lights to choose from. I use the red light the most for the anti-aging effect and the blue light to fight occasional acne problems. I hope that after 1-2 months of use, I'll start to see some positive changes to my skin.

Trying Stuff Since 2022
Almost perfect light therapy face mask - noticeable skin improvement already

I love this light therapy face mask overall.I wish there were a way I could give it a 4.9 rating, because that's closer to how I feel about it.What I love: My teen daughter and I have been using it for two weeks (we sanitize it between uses, and only use it right after cleansing), and we're both already seeing clear improvement in our skin.I'm in my mid-40s, and I use Modes 1 and 3. My fine and even deep lines are less noticeable, my skin tone is more even, and I have a nice all over youthful glow.My teen daughter has been using Mode 2 to treat her cystic and surface acne, and her both types of acne have starting calming down since she's been using the mask.The mask itself is of excellent quality materials. I wipe the mask down after each use and fold it to store in the included carrying case, and the mask and its parts feel nice and durable. When I take the straps on and off, they don't feel flimsy or fragile, but sturdy. The button remote holds a good amount of charge. We can use it several times, and I've never had a low battery warning. I just remember to charge it every once in a while. It charges pretty quickly.The things I wish were better:The eye protection inserts - although they are very soft, they still leave faint lines on my face for hours after I use the mask. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but it's right around my eyes, which is the fragile skin I'm most worried about.The instruction book - It took me a full week to fully figure out how to use the mask correctly because the instruction manual is too brief. For me, the important point was that to switch between modes, you press the "power" button (not the plus button, like in the booklet). I should have watched the video on the seller's listing, which is much more accurate than the booklet.

Top of the line!

Having used another LED face product recently, I was blown away by how much nicer this one is. Attention has been paid to details to make using this very easy. It I love that it has adjustable velcro straps around the back but also over the head. It is soft and flexible, and there is a cutout for your nose. This means that the lights can be right next to your skin. While LED light can be damaging to eyes, this mask offers amazing eye protections. The soft cups go around the eye and block the light from the eyes but still give you clear sight. Finally, the controller for this is rechargeable, and you plug the mask into the controller, which you can easily slip into a pocket. This allows you to do housework, watch tv, or even go for a walk while wearing this mask.

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